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Something to Smile About!
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The Color of the Produce You Eat Matters
Your body needs you to eat a lot of produce. It should be one of the biggest things that you consume daily. Many types of produce help clean your teeth, and your body also gets a lot of nutrients out of the foods you eat. Just make sure you vary the types of produce you consume as often as you can.

While the fact that you eat produce is great, varying the colors of the produce you eat is even better. Each color group of produce gives your body different set of nutrients. For example, red produce is great for your heart and for helping to give your body more nutrients that fight off cancer. If you can, try and include one type of produce from each categories every day. This means you eat green, yellow, orange, tan/white, purple/blue ,and red produce on a daily basis.

Your teeth get stronger when you eat produce because the nutrients have the ability to soak into your teeth while you chew. Give your teeth the best chances to be healthy and strong by including as many different colors of produce as you possibly can on a daily basis. That, in combination with getting your teeth cleaned as often as they should be, can greatly help keep up your oral health.

How to React if You Chip a Tooth
Whether the chip on your tooth is small or large, the best thing to do should you chip a tooth is to call us and let us take a look. A small chip may only affect the aesthetics of your tooth, but If the tooth still has a sharp edge to it, we may need to buff it smooth so that it does not cut any of your oral tissues. Should the chip be large enough to warrant treatment, we can also use composite filling material to return the tooth to its former glory. Call us today!

Can Your Teeth Get Damaged from Too Much Water?
Some people wonder if their teeth can take damage from them consuming too much water. While over-hydrating your body is never a good idea, your teeth cannot become damaged from too much water. You do need to vary what you drink for nutritional purposes, but drinking the traditional 64 ounces of water on a daily basis is only going to give your teeth the potential to be cleaner and healthier. Instead of worrying about how much water you are drinking, worry about the type of water you are drinking. Make sure most, if not all, of the water comes from a municipal tap. That way, you get the fluoride benefits that come with it!

Something to Smile About!

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