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What Is a Prosthodontist?
Dental Implants St. Louis

Woman in chair with doctor and x-ray.If you have ever needed a replacement tooth or had a dental bridge installed, chances are you went through a prosthodontist. Prosthodontists are dental specialists who engage in a practice called prosthodontics. Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry that focuses on the restoration and replacement of tooth and jaw features.

Here at St. Louis Prosthodontics, our prosthodontist team is available to assist with a range of dental implants. Whether the procedure is purely cosmetic or serves a functional purpose, our team is trained to treat each patient with care and precision. Continue reading to learn more about prosthodontists.

Why Might You Need to See a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists concentrate on a variety of different dental procedures. These procedures are all related to tooth reconstruction or the installation of prosthetics. A prosthodontist is responsible for installing crowns, bridges, dentures, tooth implants, and veneers.

Additionally, a prosthodontist may be used to treat patients with cleft palates and sleep apnea. The surgery needed for these cases involves the reconstruction of muscles and tissues in and around the mouth and jaw. The reconstruction process is where a prosthodontist will come in.

A prosthodontist will work carefully with dental labs to ensure that the customization and condition of dental implants are perfectly suited to each patient. Prostheses must be crafted with extreme precision to ensure that they are both comfortable and functional.

What Education Is Required to Be a Prosthodontist?

The schooling required to become a prosthodontist is rigorous. Because prosthodontics is a field of medicine that needs careful craftsmanship and specialized knowledge, it is typical for a prosthodontist to obtain a doctoral degree from a dental school.

After receiving a doctoral degree, a prosthodontist must attain a dentistry license and go through three years of applied residency training. Contenders for the position must then apply for a specialty certification in prosthodontics. Once all these steps are complete, a candidate is then ready to become an official prosthodontist.

What Makes a Prosthodontist Different From a Dentist?

While a dentist practices a more general field of dentistry (tooth care and cleaning, basic oral health), a prosthodontist is a specialist with a narrower focus. Prosthodontists are experts that are needed to replace anything in your mouth. It is common for prosthodontists to lead a team of dental specialists when it comes to major dental reconstruction.

If someone is in a major accident and requires severe dental reconstruction, a prosthodontist will work with a team to craft the prosthetics necessary for the procedure. If a patient needs a single tooth replaced, a prosthodontist is also the specialist called for this procedure.

Because of their extensive training and education, prosthodontists are usually the top choice for dental reconstruction. They are familiar with advanced technology and have years of experience that enable them to efficiently craft and implant prosthetics better than other dental specialists.


If you are unsure whether you should call a dentist or a prosthodontist for a procedure, contact our office at 314-937-5487 nd our team can guide you in making the right decision. At St. Louis Prosthodontics, every patient is important, and we will give you the special attention and care that you need. Call today and we will get you on track to having the smile that you deserve.
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What Is a Prosthodontist | Dental Implants St. Louis
Here at St. Louis Prosthodontics, our prosthodontist team is available to assist with a range of dental implants.
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