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Benefits of Dental Implants
Mercer Island, WA

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Your adult teeth are called permanent teeth for a reason. They’re meant to last your whole lifetime. Sometimes, however, problems occur that make this impossible. You might lose one or more teeth for a variety of different reasons.

Moreover, when you do, you are faced with all kinds of issues. Goichi Shiotsu, DDS can replace your missing teeth using dental implants. This treatment has grown in popularity over the years, becoming the solution of choice. Their popularity has a lot to do with the incredible benefits that they can offer.

Dental Implants Act Just Like Real Teeth

With traditional solutions like dentures and dental bridges, only a part of your teeth is replaced. These solutions replace the crown or the visible portion of your teeth. They sit above the gums. They are anchored either by your gums or by your other teeth. This prevents them from being able to act completely like real teeth, even though they might look like them. Dental implants replace not just the crowns, but the roots of your teeth as well. They are anchored in your jawbone, just like your real teeth. All of the normal functions of your missing teeth are perfectly restored.

Improved Chewing and Eating

Because implants are anchored by your jawbone, you can chew normally. You do not have to worry about your replacement teeth coming loose or falling out when you eat certain foods. You can enjoy all of your favorite foods just like you used to. Moreover, because you can chew normally, you can chew properly. This means that your digestion and nutrition are improved as well.

Maintain a Natural Bite and Prevent Bone Loss

When you suffer tooth loss, you begin to lose bone mass in your jawbone. This is known as resorption. Without the stimulation from your missing teeth, new bone tissue does not grow, resulting in deterioration. Many patients with missing teeth lose approximately 25% of the volume within the first year and continue to lose more over time. This loss of bone causes adjacent teeth to begin to shift out of alignment, which affects your natural bite. Because the posts of dental implants replace the roots of your missing teeth, stimulation is restored. This helps to stop bone loss. Your other teeth remain in proper alignment, helping you to keep your natural bite.

Improved Facial Appearance

Another issue caused by bone loss changes to your facial features. Losing bone mass results in sunken cheeks, lips turning in, the chin shriveling up, and the development of wrinkles. All of these issues can make you look many years older than you are, which is not exactly something that most people want to deal with. By maintaining the health of your jawbone, dental implants help you maintain your facial structure and restore a youthful appearance.

Regain Your Confidence

One of the most noticeable impacts of tooth loss is what happens to your smile. Without teeth, you may quickly become self-conscious. While dentures can help to improve your smile, sometimes they can slip out of place, which can be rather embarrassing. Dental implants look perfectly natural, and they will not move around, giving you back your gorgeous smile and restoring your confidence.

Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

By helping to prevent bone loss, dental implants can last much longer than traditional solutions for tooth loss. It is even possible for them to last a lifetime provided that you take good care of them.

If you are interested in getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth, contact Goichi Shiotsu, DDS at (206) 232-3600 today.

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Benefits of Dental Implants | Dr. Goichi Shiotsu - Mercer Island
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