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The Benefits of Dental Implants
Salem, OR

Woman smiling after getting dental implants at Fairmount Dental Center in Salem, ORDental implants are a modern treatment for replacing missing teeth, providing an alternative to traditional bridges and dentures. This restoration relies on small titanium posts to support ceramic crowns. The posts are surgically implanted into the jawbone, where the bone fuses to the posts and integrates them into the jaw. When the posts are completely integrated, they provide a strong, stable, immovable support for your new teeth. At Fairmount Dental Center, we are proud to offer dental implants for a variety of tooth replacement needs. This unique treatment provides you with numerous benefits.

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

Tooth loss makes it incredibly difficult to bite and chew your food. Moreover, the more teeth that you lose, the worse it becomes. Eventually, you may no longer be able to eat all of the foods you love. Poor chewing ability can also lead to poor digestion, which can impact your overall nutrition. Dental implants, which are both strong and secure, restore your ability to thoroughly chew your food. With this ability restored, you can effectively break down the foods you eat, which then makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients those foods have to offer.

Communicate Confidently

Your teeth control the flow of air when you speak, making it possible to form a wide array of words and sounds. Tooth loss has a serious impact on this function. When the air flows freely, it can result in a lisp. You may also find that you have to repeat yourself several times because others cannot understand what you are trying to say. Dental implants sit in your mouth just like your natural teeth, perfectly restoring your ability to communicate effectively with those around you.

Care for Implants Just Like Natural Teeth

While dentures can restore many of the functions of your teeth, one of the things that they are well known for is the additional care they require every night. This care, which consists of removing the dentures to clean them with a special paste, leaving them to soak overnight, and brushing your natural teeth and gums, can become quite tedious. The crowns of your dental implants, which are secured in place to the posts with screws, are not removable. Moreover, because they are ceramic, they can be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth. They do not require any additional care outside of what is recommended by the American Dental Association for your natural teeth.

Extraordinary Comfort

One of the biggest complaints of dentures is that they are uncomfortable. They sit directly on your gums, a soft tissue that was never designed to support the pressures that dentures put on them. Dentures can also rub against the gums, whether because they are loose or they no longer fit properly, which can cause painful sores. The crowns of dental implants are supported by the titanium posts, which sit directly in your jawbone like the roots of your natural teeth. There is no unnecessary pressure on your gums. The crowns are also held securely in place and will not slip around and rub the sensitive tissue.

Preservation of Your Jawbone

Even when you replace missing teeth with traditional bridges or dentures, the jawbone continues to change shape over time. This is because bridges and dentures do not stimulate the jawbone like your natural teeth. The jaw still weakens and changes shape. This results in the need to have the restorations periodically replaced. Implants are the only option that can mimic this function. When you chew, the posts stimulate the jawbone just like the roots of your natural teeth, triggering the body to send essential nutrients. This helps to stop and prevent the bone loss that accompanies tooth loss, helping to keep your jawbone strong and healthy.

Learn More About Dental Implants:

With dental implants, the functions of your missing teeth, your smile, and the quality of your life are all restored. Call Fairmount Dental Center today to schedule your consultation and find out if dental implants are the right solution for you at (503) 362-8364.
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At Fairmount Dental Center, we are proud to offer dental implants for a variety of tooth replacement needs. Click here to learn about their benefits and call us today!
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