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Bruxism & Mouth Guard
Mercer Island, WA

Mercer Island dentist holding a mouthguard to treat teeth grinding at Goichi Shiotsu, DDS.Bruxism is a condition in which you grind and clench your teeth. When you grind and clench, this puts excessive pressure on your teeth, your jaws, your facial muscles, and your temporomandibular joints. This pressure can lead to a significant amount of pain, as well as interfere with the normal functions of your mouth. At Goichi Shiotsu, DDS, we can alleviate the issues associated with bruxism with a mouthguard.

Effects of Bruxism

Bruxism can have a serious impact on your teeth and can cause a significant amount of long-term damage. Effects of bruxism on your teeth include
•  Flattening the chewing surfaces.
•  Chips or cracks.
•  Cracked or loose dental fillings.
•  Gum recession.
•  Tooth loss.

What Causes Bruxism?

There are some different issues that can lead to bruxism. Common causes include
•  Stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of bruxism. It causes your muscles, including your facial muscles to tense, which leads to grinding and clenching.
•  Misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth can put uneven pressure on your teeth.
•  Caffeine consumption.
•  Tobacco use.
•  Alcohol consumption.
•  Certain types of medications.

The Symptoms of Bruxism

When bruxism first begins, you might never know that you have it. The symptoms begin very mild, almost unnoticeable. Over time, however, they begin to worsen. Symptoms of bruxism include
•  Jaw and temporomandibular joint pain.
•  Tired jaw and facial muscles.
•  Trouble eating or to speak.
•  Pain when moving your mouth.
•  Excessive or uneven wear patterns on your teeth.
•  Gum recession, which can lead to tooth sensitivity.
•  Loosening teeth.

Treating Bruxism with a Mouthguard

A mouthguard is a common treatment for bruxism. It is an intraoral device that is worn over your top teeth, covering the entire arch. The main function of the mouthguard is to absorb the impact of grinding and clenching, keeping the pressure off of your teeth, your jaws, and your temporomandibular joints. As a result, your pain and other symptoms are alleviated. There are a few different types of mouthguards available. These include:
•  Stock. A stock mouthguard is one that you can find readily at your local pharmacy. These mouthguards are pre-molded. As a result, they may not fit your mouth properly. While affordable, these mouthguards may not be effective. They may fall out or interfere with breathing.
•  Boil and bite. A boil and bite mouthguard is also readily available at pharmacies. With this type of mouthguard, you drop it in boiling water to soften the material. The material then forms around your teeth as you bite into it.
•  Custom. A custom mouthguard is one that is professionally created based on impressions of your mouth. We can provide this type of mouthguard for you.

Why Get a Custom Mouthguard?

If you are dealing with bruxism, a custom mouthguard will provide you with the best protection. This type of mouthguard is made out of impressions of your mouth, which enables us to create a mouthguard just for you. In addition to fitting perfectly in your mouth, we can take your bite into consideration. We also use the highest quality materials. All of this ensures the optimal protection for your teeth and jaws

If bruxism is affecting your oral health and your quality of life, a mouthguard may be the solution for you. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, contact Goichi Shiotsu, DDS at (206) 232-3600 today!

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