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Dental FAQ
Mercer Island, WA

Below is a list of some of the questions our patients most frequently ask. If you have a question that isn't answered below, feel free to give us a call and our team at Goichi Shiotsu, DDS will be happy to assist you.

How Do I Prevent Dental Problems?

As you can probably know, it is always easier to prevent dental problems rather than treat them. The best thing you can do for your oral health is brush your teeth about twice a day (typically after meals and before bed), and floss about once a day (to remove food, plaque, and bacteria from hard-to-reach places). Routine checkups and cleanings are also a vital part of preventive dentistry.

Why Are Routine Checkups and Cleanings Important?

Even with a strong oral hygiene regimen, tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental disease can still occur. Routine checkups and cleanings allow us to further reduce your risk of potential problems, and catch these issues early on, before they develop into major complications.

How Do We Treat Tooth Decay?

Dental caries, or tooth decay, can be treated using a wide-variety of techniques. We may even be able to reverse small areas of decay with fluoride treatment. Otherwise, a dental filling is usually the best possible solution. Severe damage or decay may warrant the placement of a full-coverage dental crown.

How Do We Treat Gum Disease?

Gum, or periodontal disease, is an infection that affects the gum tissues, connective ligaments, and eventually the supportive bone. This infection is caused by our body’s immune response to the harmful bacteria in plaque. Unfortunately, this response produces toxins that target healthy tissues as well.

Gingivitis, the first and most common stage of the disease, can usually be treated and reversed with improvements to your at-home oral hygiene. Periodontitis is a more advanced stage and usually requires a “deep cleaning,” also known as a scaling and root planing.

How Do We Replacing Missing Teeth?

The three most common tooth replacement options include conventional dental bridges, removable dentures (both partial and complete), and dental implants. The type of restoration you receive may vary, depending on a number of different factors like location, cost, and desired results.

Why Are Dental Implants the Industry Standard these days?

A dental implant is placed below the gums and into the jawbone, serving as the root element of a prosthesis. Because the implant becomes are part of your bone structure, your new restoration will look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. This revolutionary concept has forever changed restorative dentistry!

How Do We Improve the Cosmetics of Your Smile?

Professional cosmetic services are more popular than ever before. The most common cosmetic treatments we provide include teeth whitening, dental bondings, and porcelain veneers.

Teeth whitening is a quick and easy way to brighten your smile by up to eight shades in a single appointment. A dental bonding can be used to fix the esthetics of a discolored, cracked, chipped, abnormally-shaped, or otherwise unappealing tooth. Porcelain veneers are another option for esthetically-displeasing teeth in the anterior (front) region of your mouth.

Should I Choose Teeth Whitening or Porcelain Veneers?

Teeth whitening is only effective for extrinsic stains on the surface of your enamel. We may recommend porcelain veneers for intrinsic stains, or significant cosmetic issues. Porcelain is much more durable and natural-looking than composite bonding.

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At Goichi Shiotsu, DDS, if you have a question that isn't answered in our FAQ, feel free to give us a call and our team will be happy to assist you.
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