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How Do I Practice Good Oral Hygiene at Home?
Brushing Your Teeth
Maintaining good oral practice at home is the foundation for a healthy, functional mouth and teeth. Many of the dental issues people face arise because they do not take it seriously to keep their teeth and gums clean. In the mouth, there are millions of bacteria working to try to invade the gums and teeth. While you cannot get rid of them all, it is always crucial that you keep their population down. Gum disease and cavities arise when the harmful bacteria hosted in the plaque biofilm increase and multiply in their population to a level where they begin to cause damage and infection.

Proper oral hygiene means that you brush two or three times daily and in each brushing session, you take at least two minutes. When brushing, hold the brush at a 45-degree angle to the gum line and make gentle strokes. Use a soft-bristle brush to refrain from causing irritation to the gums.

Additionally, floss the teeth. There is bacterial plaque accumulating in areas between the teeth. These spots cannot be accessed by the toothbrush. Therefore, you want to floss once or so daily. Also, choose floss that can work properly based on the spaces between teeth. Some individuals have larger spaces between teeth while others have little space. Those with little spaces should use a thin flossing thread.

Visit our dental clinic to learn how you can maintain good oral hygiene at home for a healthy and bright smile, and strong teeth and gums.

Which is Better - a Manual Toothbrush or an Electric Toothbrush?
Health experts have been talking about the importance of electric toothbrushes for years. However, it is only recently that scientists proved that electric toothbrushes work better than traditional manual brushes. The scientists established that individuals who utilize electric toothbrushes have much healthier teeth and gums. Those people have less tooth decay and keep their teeth strong when compared to those who utilized manual toothbrushes. People who have challenges with hand movements or have weakened dexterity find that manual brushes are difficult to use. Therefore, they can benefit from electric ones. Contact us for more details regarding toothbrushes and which ones to choose.

Does a Rinse or Mouthwash Help?
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Using mouthwash helps refresh bad breath. It helps reduce plaque and gingivitis. Moreover, mouthwash rinses help fight tooth decay as well as cavities. You can incorporate mouthwash into your daily brushing routine. Some mouthwash even has fluoride which helps in remineralizing the teeth, thus keeping them strong and healthy. Mouthwashes eliminate food debris from the mouth which is the culprit for bacteria. There is nothing that feels as refreshing as rinsing your mouth with mouthwash. Talk to us to learn more about mouth rinses and how they can help with oral health. We also offer a range of treatments and routine oral checkups and exams.

Something to Smile About!

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