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My Gums Are Gum Bleeding; Should I See An Emergency Dentist?
Teeth and irritated gums close up gum disease
You may be experiencing bleeding in your gums. It may occur after brushing your teeth or even randomly due to trauma and other causes. Abnormal bleeding in your gums requires attention from an emergency dentist. Emergency dentists are typically general dentists well-trained to attend to patients needing emergency care. They will be there to check on your gums for any problems. An emergency dentist will inspect your mouth, focusing on the gums, teeth, and tongue to check for symptoms of gum disease or any other issues that may be causing the bleeding.

It' normal to bleed once in a while when brushing and flossing, but it raises concern when it happens every time. First, use a soft bristle toothbrush and brush gently to avoid bleeding. If it continues, visit an emergency dentist.

Random and excessive bleeding is not normal. In such a case, try to control the bleeding by cold pressing using ice gently on your gums, before visiting an emergency dentist for treatment. It may signify a variety of problems concerning your dental health. Gum disease in its initial stage, called gingivitis, can cause gum inflammation and bleeding. If the gingivitis is left untreated, it can lead to a more serious gum ailment called periodontitis.

Bleeding after tooth extraction requires emergency attendance from a dentist too, as it may be caused by a dry socket, which is usually very painful. In case your gums begin to bleed unexpectedly, contact us for dental emergency care.

Are My Dental Implants Likely to Stain?
Dental implants can stain just like natural teeth. Implant crowns have a protective outer coat that keeps them in good condition. While the coating is stain-resistant, when extensive damage arises, it can make the implant crowns discolor. Again, dental implants may be immune to decay and cavities, however, they are not immune to stains if you don't take proper care of them. Some foods, tobacco products, and drinks you consume can stain implant crowns just like they would stain your natural teeth. When our dentist performs dental implant surgery, you will be provided with an expert opinion on the ways to maintain your dental implants.

My Dentist Uses Oral Conscious Sedation; Is It Safe for My Child?
image of ChildXray getty500811082
Most kids are administered with laughing gas, which is considered safe. Sometimes though, a dentist may administer oral conscious sedation. This type of sedation can be utilized together with other sedatives and offers mild to moderate sedative effects depending on the type of dosage and medication. It makes kids conscious throughout the procedure. Even though they may fall asleep, they can still respond to commands. A child who has higher anxiety levels can receive oral sedation. Again, a child who has challenges wearing a laughing gas mask may need oral sedation. A dentist will make sure that the sedation is administered safely and at the right dosage. Contact us regarding sedation options for kids.

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