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Something to Smile About!
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Why Produce is Such a Highly Recommended Snack Food
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When you come in for a cleaning, you will often hear us talking about what you eat and drink. One of the topics we often talk about is healthy snacking. Do you have healthy snacks on hand? If not, then you may want to look into which snacks are best to have on hand. Here are our suggestions. They are tasty, but also help keep your teeth healthy at the same time.

Snacks We Recommend to Have Around Regularly

The best snack to have around is fresh produce, ideally, fresh vegetables. Something as simple as raw carrots and celery can be a great snack. They clean your teeth, taste great, and help stimulate your gums. High-fiber fruits like apples are good, too. Next, we recommend that you also have dairy items on hand. Things like yogurt and string cheese help prevent cavities when eaten regularly. They contain casein, which coats the teeth and protects against cavities. Finally, we recommend high-water fruits and vegetables. This includes things like cucumbers and watermelon. These options help keep you hydrated and taste great, too. Using produce as your go-to snack allows you to also fill your body with a wide range of nutrients.

If you want other snack ideas, ask us at your next appointment. There are lots of great tasting snacks that are also good for your teeth that we can recommend. We have been suggesting different options to our patients for a long time, and we can suggest options for you, too. All you need to do is ask.

Make Sure You Properly Prioritize Your Oral Health
Going to the doctor is something many people believe to be more important than coming to see us. They think their overall health should be at a higher priority than their oral health. We disagree. We believe that your oral health and your overall health should be equal. Your overall health impacts your oral health, and vice versa. The better your oral health is, the healthier your body can be. We recommend you come see us every six months for a cleaning and exam, and keep your oral health properly prioritized. That way, you do not wind up sick from something we could have helped you prevent.

Regular Visits to Our Office Can Save You Money
Dental Appointment Calendar
If you do not come to see us regularly, you know that it is going to take a toll on your oral health. However, did you know that coming to see us could actually save you money? It's true!

Coming in and keeping up with your oral health can save you money both now and in the future. Keeping up with your oral health means fewer lost hours of work or family time spent in our office. It also means lower medical and dental insurance rates in the future. So, is it about time for your next appointment?

Something to Smile About!

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